Lights, Camera, Action in Peachtree Corners

The Avocet neighborhood gained celebrity status as the subdivision was transformed for a TV commercial shoot on Friday.

Friday was not a typical end-of-the-week kind of day for the Avocet neighborhood.

Instead of a wind-down day before the long Memorial Day weekend, the neighborhood was filled with actors, cameras and directors in the Peachtree Corners subdivision preparing to shoot a TV commercial.

Signs at the subdivision entrance gave a clue that something big was going on with directional signs for trucks, crews, etc. Large trucks and trailers were parked along the side streets to accommodate the actors and film crew.

But the neighbors took it in stride, enjoying the moment as they watched the street crawling with some 35 film crew setting up cameras and props while some 15 actors waited in the shade nearby until they were called.

Avocet resident Victoria Clearfield who lives near the subdivision entrance stood nearby in the shade of a neighbor's tree watching the activity.

"I was pleasantly surprised," said Clearfield when she learned the Avocet neighborhood had been chosen as the site for a TV commercial. "I didn't expect such a big production but it's good exposure for the neighborhood," she added.

Joseph Lawsky, Locations Manager for Spots Film, the company filming the commercials, said Avocet was chosen because of the style of the neighborhood and the ribbon of sidewalks that run through the subdivision.

"Sidewalks just scream neighborhood," said Lawsky. The film company, which is based in Atlanta, was working on the first of two commercials that day. "We've been filming since Monday," said Lawsky and we'll shoot two more today.

The commercials are being shot for an Alabama-chain of restaurants called Jack's Family Restaurants, so it's not likely anyone in the metro area will get a glimpse of the Avocet neighborhood on TV.

But that's OK with Avocet resident Jennifer Mitchell. "We are just so excited, it's been a great experience."

Nancy Minor May 30, 2012 at 03:27 AM
Very cool !
James Tola May 30, 2012 at 01:06 PM
Sidewalks are a terrific amenity. What better way to walk to the fabulous pool in Avocet!


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