Holiday Decorating Tips I’m Actually Going to Use!

Interior designer Shelly Dozier-Mckee
Interior designer Shelly Dozier-Mckee

Antique Traditions at 109 S. Peachtree Street in historic Norcross held a complimentary Holiday Design & Style Workshop today that was so informative I feel like I could decorate a hundred houses. 

Interior designer Shelly Dozier-Mckee used assortments of items found in Antique Traditions to demonstrate how easy it is to use items you have with a few extra touches from the decorative items found in Antique Traditions or other places. This ranged from metal ribbon to glitter wreaths to tea lights “under glass” to reindeer antler place card holders. Every idea led to more ideas which led to more from the women in attendance. We all learned from each other.  

Seriously, I could take one of the holiday tea towels I purchased the other day to wrap a cute new book I found on Auburn cooking treats. I never thought about wrapping a gift with a t-shirt or scarf or tea towel. Or using the same items to decorate chairs for a holiday party and that double as a gift.
Also, Shelley showed us how to make garland pop by adding real garland to fake. My magnolia tree is just begging to come inside and help spruce up my fake fir. 

Maybe some of ya’ll already knew these great decorating tips, but Shelly has a true flair for combining just the right amount in just the right way. I was totally impressed with the entire demonstration and had a fabulous time.


Shelly Dozier-Mckee is also the genius behind the ConfettiStyle blog which offers ideas and unique gifts and accessories for any decorating style. With the help of Lorraine White, owner of Antique Traditions and Carolee Smith, one of the shop’s “in-store boutique” owners (fun magnets for displaying photos and notes, personalized / embroidered anything, scarves, etc. ) we learned some of the cutest ways to personalize the buffet table, gifts, holiday dinners and every spot in our homes.

The photos show Shelly preparing an entrance arrangement using burlap poinsettias, live greenery, and paper-wrapped twigs with shiny baubles.


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